Instructions for Name Change

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Complete form packets for Name Changes

Below are pdf packets that contain all the forms required. Click to download.

Individual Forms for Name Changes

The following are a collection of the individual forms one may need for all case types.

Form # Description
21.0 Application For Adult Name Change Download
21.01 Judgment Entry Setting Hearing and Ordering Notice (Adult) Download
21.10 Judgment Entry - Change of Name of Adult Download
21.11 Judgment Entry Setting Hearing and Ordering Notice (Minor) Download
21.20 Application For Change of Name of Minor Download
21.21 Notice To Parent Download
21.30 Judgment Entry - Change Of Name Of Minor Download
21.40 Consent To Change Of Name Download
21.50 Notice Of Hearing On Change Of Name Download
21.6 Application to Waive Publication Requirement and Seal File Download
110.62 Application for Payment of Unclaimed Funds Download
110.63 Entry Ordering Payment of Unclaimed Funds Download
116.40 Affidavit For Unknown Address of a Parent Download
121.00 Application To Conform Legal Name Of Adult Download
121.10 Judgment Entry Change Of Name No Hearing Download
121.11 Entry Setting Hearing On Application To Conform Legal Name Download
121.12 Entry Dispensing With Hearing Download
121.20 Application To Conform Legal Name Of Minor Download
121.30 Judgment Entry Change Name Of Minor No Hearing Download
121.40 Judgment Entry Conform Name Of Minor Download
121.50 Judgment Entry Conform Name Of Adult Download
121.60 Judgement Entry Waiving Publication And Sealing File Download
121.70 Affidavit In Support Of Application Download
200.10 Affidavit In Proof Of Service Download
200.30 Application and Order to Prepare Transcript Download
200.31 Request for Digital Audio Copy of Hearing on CD Download
200.75 Entry Referring Case to Mediation Download
200.95 Fax Filing Cover Sheet Download
202.00 Entry Setting Hearing Download
203.00 Entry Download
203.10 Application Requesting Permission To Broadcast, Televise, Photograph, Record Courtroom Proceedings Download
230.00 Entry Continuing Hearing Download
230.01 Entry Resetting Hearing Download
230.03 List Of Exhibits Download

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions can arise while you are looking for the content that you need. The following are common questions that have often been posed to our office.

What are the Requirements for Changing/Conforming a Name?

A person desiring to change/conform his or her name must be a resident of Hamilton County for at least 60 days prior to the filing of an application, with this Court.

What is the Procedure for Changing/Conforming a Name?

  1. Obtain appropriate forms from the Probate Court. Complete the forms and file with the Probate Court and pay court costs. At the time of filing, a case number will be assigned and a hearing date will be set, if required.
  2. If a hearing is not required, you will receive your Court Order Changing/Conforming Name the same day you file the Application to Change/Conform Name.
  3. A certified copy of the birth certificate shall be presented to the Probate Court with the Application to Change/Conform Name of a Minor and Conform Name of Adult.
  4. If publication is required, your legal ad will be placed in a newspaper of general circulation in Hamilton County at least thirty (30) days prior to the hearing.
  5. Government Issued Documents are required for the conforming name. The conformed name must be one of the names used on at least one of the Government Issued Documents. Examples of these government issued documents are:
    • Passport
    • State Issued ID
    • Military Records
    • Social Security Card
    • Children's Birth Certificates
    • Death Records
    • Census Records
    • Marriage License Records