Instructions for Birth Registration

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Complete form packets for Birth Registration

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Individual Forms for Birth Registration

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  1. Submit to Probate Court an Application for Birth Registration.

  2. Attach a letter indicating that a search has been made and no evidence can be found of a birth registration. If the birth occurred prior to December 20, 1908, the letter must be from the Probate Court of the county where the birth occurred. If the birth occurred after December 20, 1908, a letter must be obtained from the Ohio Department of Health, Division of Vital Statistics.

  3. Attach a letter of verification of birth such as an affidavit of the attending physician; affidavits of two (2) persons older than the applicant acquainted with facts concerning the birth, and if such are not obtainable, any combination of 4 pieces of documentary evidence, which will verify the facts set forth in the application, such as:
    • School records
    • Baptismal records
    • Military records
    • Employment records
    • Hospital records
    • Census records
    • Insurance records
  4. Notwithstanding the above requirements, the Probate Court will give each application individual consideration.