Marriage License Books

Index volumes from 1817 to 1942 are in alphabetical order only by the first letter of the last name and the first letter of the first name, so the entire grouping for that letter may have to be searched. Index volumes from 1943 to 1983 are in normal alphabetical order. Indexes for volumes C1 to C20 are included in the index volumes for the years 1863 - 1884. Volume and page information obtained for marriages prior to 1932 (up to volume 390) can be used in the Marriage Record search below. Indexes for volumes A1 to A29, B1 to B30, C20, and 22 to 139 may list the license number as the page number, and the numbers may not be the same if there are two licenses per page. Note: Marriage licenses from June 1973 through the present are available on the Marriage License Search section of this Web site.

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