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Frequently Asked Questions About Mental Health

The following are common questions that have often been posed to our office:

My loved one is an alcoholic or a drug addict. Can I probate them? back to top

Usually, a person can only be hospitalized involuntarily on the basis of a mental illness or mental retardation. A separate procedure can be utilized for persons suffering solely from alcohol or substance abuse. Contact our Mental Health Department at (513) 946-3592 for more information on that procedure.

What other options are there for having a person evaluated? back to top

University Hospital has a Mobile Crisis Team that consists of psychiatric social workers who can evaluate a person at their residence. For more information, contact University Hospital at 584-8577. Also, University Hospital has a Psychiatric Emergency Services (PES) that can assist with psychiatric emergencies. If the alleged mentally ill or mentally retarded individual is willing to go to the hospital, you can take them directly to PES. Also, a case manager or other community support workers may be able to assist or offer further suggestions or recommendations.

What if the alleged mentally ill or mentally retarded individual has private insurance? back to top

We recommend that the insurance company be contacted prior to beginning this process. The Court will have to know what hospitals in Hamilton County the person is authorized to go to for a psychiatric admission.

Who will transport to the hospital? back to top

If the Court accepts the affidavit, the Hamilton County Sheriff's Department will attempt to transport the alleged mentally ill or mentally retarded individual to the hospital, providing that the process is completed by early to mid afternoon. The deputies who provide transportation services to the patients are plain-clothes deputies who do these transportations daily. However, they hold the same hours as the Court. If the alleged mentally ill or mentally retarded person requires transportation after hours or on the weekend, your local police department may be willing to assist.

Do I need an attorney to complete this process? back to top

No, the Court Personnel are able to assist you. However, if you are more comfortable proceeding with counsel, that is acceptable.

Can I complete this process at home? back to top

The only part of the process that can be completed outside of the Court is completing the preliminary paperwork. The affidavit must be completed in the presence of Court Personnel, so the person completing the affidavit can be sworn in.