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Important - Please Read the Following

The following are the absolute minimum requirements for every applicant (see Checklist for Minors for the added requirements for minor applicants).

  • Both applicants must be present at the time of application, unless one or both of the applicants is incapacitated.
  • Note: We do not issue licenses to incarcerated individuals under any circumstances.
  • The fee for the license is $50.00. Cash or credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover only) are accepted. Checks are not accepted. There is an additional fee when paying with a Credit Card: See Credit Card Fees.
  • Each applicant must each have a government issued photo ID (i.e., Driver's License, State ID, passport, VISA, etc.).
  • Ohio residents must apply in the county where they reside. Out-of-state residents must apply in the county where they wish to be married.
  • If previously divorced, a copy of the most recent divorce decree must be submitted to the Probate Court at the time of application.
  • The couple must get married within 60 days of our issuing the license. While there is no blood testing or waiting period, the license does expire 60 days after issuance.
  • The applying couple is responsible for checking the marriage license for accuracy prior to leaving the court.
  • It is the responsibility of the applying couple to determine that the marriage officiant is licensed in the state of Ohio.
  • The couple must swear, or affirm, that all information and testimony provided is true, correct, and complete.
  • The couple must sign their full name (including middle name) on the actual Marriage License.

Furthermore, the following online marriage license request is only intended to shorten the amount of time you have to spend in our office. Once you have completed the online request, you will be asked to submit this to our office for approval. Once we have reviewed and qualified the information we will send you a confirmation number, and any necessary instructions, via E-mail. Applicants will then need to bring this confirmation number, along with all other necessary information, to our office. Once again, both applicants will still need to appear in person.

If you would like to continue, please click the "We Agree" link. Otherwise click the "We Disagree" link to return to the marriage license home page.