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NOTICE. Posted December 1, 2014

The Hamilton County Probate Court has adopted changes to Local Rule 58.1 which include new provisions dealing with the payment of court costs. The changes can be seen by clicking here.

The changes to Local Rule 58.1 took effect on December 1, 2014.

NOTICE. Posted January, 2006

The Hamilton County Probate Court is pleased to announce that it has expanded the Electronic Notification Program to provide advance notice to fiduciaries, guardians and applicants in addition to attorneys. Upon completion of the “Electronic Mail Notification Request Form”, program clients with an e-mail address may receive advanced notices of upcoming deadlines for required filings such as commissioner reports, guardians’ reports, inventories and accounts. The e-mail notice will be generated approximately 30 days prior to the issuance of the “Notice of Overdue Requirement” [Pink Card]. This courtesy reminder will serve as a “tickler” that will allow attorneys and fiduciaries time to prepare and file required filings before Court intervention is required.

Forms are available at the Cashier, Issue Desk and via the Court's web site (Click here to download the form in PDF). Completed forms may be returned to the cashiers or mailed to:

Ralph Winkler, Judge
Hamilton County Probate Court
William Howard Taft Law Center
230 East Ninth Street 10th Floor
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
Attn: E-Mail Notification Program