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Index Books

  Will Index (1791 - 1884) Wills

These index books are in alphabetical order by last name and then first name. These books are used to find the Will volume and page numbers. The dates for Wills Presented in this index are from December 12, 1791 to February 19, 1884, which is volumes 1 to 39. There is no master index for Wills Presented from 1884 to 1973, which is volumes 40 to 561. To locate the wills in volumes 40 to 561 use the indexes that are located in the front of the volumes. Select the volume number and enter 0 (zero) in the page field.

Will Volume and Page Search

Volumes 1 to 561. Will Books from December 12, 1791 to August 25, 1947 (Volumes 1 - 285) contain handwritten and typed copies of original Wills and Pleadings that were necessary to probate the Will. Will books from June 24, 1947 to December 1973 (Volumes 286 - 561) contain photocopies of original Wills and Pleadings that were necessary to probate the Will. Use page number 0 (zero) to retrieve the index for each individual volume. Information regarding Wills filed after January 1, 1974, can be found on the Case Search section of this Web site.



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