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  Estate and Trust Docket (1852-1973) Estate, Trust and Guardianship (1974-1983)

Volumes 1 to 440. (Volumes 339 through 342 contain only trusts.) Estate, Trust, and Guardianship dates are from March 1, 1852 to April 16, 1984. Cases from January 1, 1984 to April 16, 1984 (Volumes 438 - 440) are not in the master index. Use page number 0 (zero) to retrieve the index for each individual volume. Beginning April 17, 1984, all of the docketing and indexing was entered in the court's computer system and was no longer hand written in the docket books. This information and index information for volumes 438 - 440 can also be found on the Case Search section of this Web site.

     Volumes 1 through 4. Estates and Guardianship Docket and Cases are from September 20, 1791 to February 6, 1852. These volumes were recreated due to fires and floods. As a result, they may contain missing or incomplete information. These volumes have no master index. Use page number 0 (zero) to retrieve the index for each individual volume.
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Estate, Guardianship, and Trust Additional Information
  • Please note that from October 6, 1847 to March 1, 1852 there are no recorded Estate, Guardianship and Trust dockets, however there are recorded Wills. It is assumed that these records were completely destroyed by one of the courthouse fires.
  • Discrepancies found in Hamilton County Probate Court Archived Records may be reported via email to:

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